Confidential Medical Form

All travellers over the age of 60 must complete sections, “A” and “B”. If you have indicated that you have pre – existing medical conditions, you are required to complete section “C” also. The more information provided to Exposure Tourism, the more we would be able to assist and provide medical assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Please note that Exposure Tourism will assess the information contained in this document, and reserve the right to further ask for a Physician assessment for any traveller.

You should always consult your Physician and anyone else familiar with your medical history and needs before embarking on any adventure travel. Please ensure that you have confirmed with a medical professional, that you are medically fit to embark on the tour you have booked.

General Safety 

The guide has authority on tour at all times and this includes decisions regarding the safety of our guests on tour. 

It is important that you inform us of any medical conditions or prescription drugs that you are taking such as diabetes or asthma etc. as we are sometimes in a long distance from the nearest medical assistance. This is especially important if your medication has to be kept at a certain temperature, we must know about this beforehand. 

Please report to your tour leader immediately if you are feeling even slightly ill as they may need to make plans for you to get to medical assistance promptly. Many travellers can feel sick within the first two weeks of travelling and this is very common and due to your body reacting to germs and bacteria it is unfamiliar with. Keep this in mind, but do not take it lightly, keep your guides up to date with how you’re feeling.

AIDS is an enormous problem in Africa. HIV estimates range between 20% and 50% of the population and in some areas it is even higher than this. Please be careful and practical, condoms are cheap and freely available.

First Aid 

There is a First Aid Kit on the board which is available in case of an emergency. The guides will not use the kit as a dispensary and we strongly recommend that you take a personal medical kit. All of our guides are qualified in First Aid. Suggested contents of a personal First Aid Kit include:

   Lip balm

 • Anti-histamine cream or tablets

 • Sunscreen and after sun balm 

• Water purifying tablets

 • Pain killers• Anti diarrhoea remedy

 • Moisturiser• Dehydration salts

 • Elastoplasts/band-aids 

• Insect repellent 

• Sterile dressings 

• Antiseptic cream 

Personal hygiene is very important on tour as you are travelling together in the truck in warm to hot climates. Please be considerate and attentive to your personal cleanliness. Being ill on tour is not fun and the enjoyment of the group as a whole depends largely on everyone being healthy.


It is quite normal for some people in the group to have traveller’s diarrhoea at some stage of the tour. This is generally not serious, usually being the reaction to the food, water and the anti-malarial tablets and it can sometimes be the result of a lack of attention to basic hygiene. If you suffer from this at any stage please inform your guide immediately.